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Uncle Boog and the Mushroom Band


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Uncle Boog and the Mushroom Band Title Page

Read about the blues and dance in your shoes

Book Summary

The band at the Mushroom is feeling the blues. The drummer is angry, the banjoist shy, and the bassist is about to quit. Middle-aged gorilla Uncle Boog, the cook, knows the best way to cure the blues…is to play the blues. Especially with his dobro guitar. Can Uncle Boog play the blues and help the band rid their blues?

Uncle Boog and the Mushroom Band is a rhyming children's book that the whole family can enjoy. Learn lessons and create fun music as you experience Uncle Boog teaching a younger generation the joys of life.

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Dimensions10.5" (W) x 9.5" (H) x 0.4" (D)
Weight1 Pound
Suggested Age4 - 8 Years
Number of Pages32
Number of Words1040
GenreJuvenile Fiction
AuthorMichael Jantscher
IllustratorAlyson Record
Published©2023 Michael Jantscher, Brooklyn Park, MN
OriginPrinted in Canada